Agents X

Duration: 01h24mn | Label: Ridley Dovarez

Gustav (Matt Kennedy), a dangerous gay, egocentric and megalomaniac criminal has developed a spray that turns any hetero lustful homosexual. After testing on his bodyguard (Jordan Fox), he plans to spread this gas during a large convention in the south of France and transform the world into a gigantic orgy. The spy Doryann Craig 00SEXE (Doryann Marguet) sent by agent Z (Axel Lorentz) and supported by the agent Flint (Jeremy Pitch) will have to foil the plans of this ruthless enemy and save the world. A perilous mission that leads him to confront a sexually irresistible vigil (Will Wood) and where he meets his Craig's Boy (Guillermo Cruz). Will he manage to thwart the plans of Gustav Gustav who wants to transform the face of the world and even the buttocks of the world ?!