Fighters 1 | Film complet

Duration: 01h07mn | Label: Ridley Dovarez

Follow the spooky journey of a young boxer (Mathieu Ferhati) who has to deliver the body with virile, brutal bodies and sex in the most unusual places with opponents who feel the bite and sweat. He will have to go to become a sex man and earn the respect of his coach (David Branhaal). After a training where our fighter is beyond his limits by his coach, Mathieu begins to calm down and empty his balls in the locker room of his club with an Anthony Cruz that will rustle for his great pleasure.David the coach then Greg Ken ), where our Mathieu will not really have the upper hand. But the hardest to come for our future champion: to confront Doryann the BOXER (Doryann Marguet) in a shed or waiting him and his hooded pals for a scene of more hot to the atmosphere of Fight Club. Will Mathieu come out the winner? The body must be rigorous to obey the soul ... The weaker the body, the more it commands; the stronger he is, the more he obeys.