Gamberros del Barrio | Full movie

Duration: 01h32mn | Label: Brutes de Sexe

In the slums of Barcelona two rival gangs sexually confront each other, los Lobos del Norte and los Mazorcas de Oro. It is in a breathless rhythm that Marc Celtik gives us a story of hot and perverse confrontations, from the initiation of a new recruit to the hunt for an enemy to submit through juicy settling of scores, the 10 actors of this film will end up in a mind-blowing confrontation in the garden of an abandoned hotel. Get ready, the neighborhood thugs are coming. with Apolo ADRI, Bony BABYRON, Macho JIM, Nando REY, Macho SERGE, Nicholas BARDEM, Roc BARCELONA, ROXAS, Thiago MONTE, Tyler ROMA et Nils ANGELSON