Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #2

Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #2

Duration: 01h21mn | Label: Gaysight Sheer Exclusives

Actors : Nicholas Bardem, Dmitry Osten, Simon Wold, Jorge Sanz

Part #1 | My house man is over horny

Back home, Dmitri finds her husband Nicholas who doesn't have much energy to go to the sport! That's without counting on the sparkling Dmitri and his unparalleled talents as a sucker and ass slut ready to do anything to make his darling want to! Very hot and juicy plan for lovers!

Part #2 | The Sauna of Unbridled Fucking

In Sitges there is a sauna where heterosexuals come to empty their balls but when there is no customer it is the boss who acts as a juice slut. Very hot and direct plan between the lockers and the jacuzzi! Here we eat ass and gobble dick until hot juices flow

Part #3 | wet and fucked

In the bathrooms of the bar MOON in Barcelona there are sinks to wash your hands and urinals to relieve yourself, but above all you find very hot guys who are just waiting for an excuse to get laid. Oops Jorge Sainz got his t-shirt wet and Dmitri Osten gets horny fast and wets all his holes with his hot Russian juice!