Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #3

Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #3

Duration: 01h22mn | Label: Gaysight Sheer Exclusives

Actors: Andy Onnasis, Ronald Tryp, Saylor Jones, Augusto Arias, Kris Fit, Mathéo Pires

Part #1 | A very very hot yoga class

Saylor Jones, a young Russian expatriate in Barcelona, takes advantage of a beautiful day to take a private yoga class. His teacher is none other than the bubbling Augusto Arias. We inhale, we exhale and above all we stretch our ass and our mouth for a super hot yoga class where the Latino teacher's big cock will pound and water the young Russian slut.

Part #2 | Hang on to my big beam

Chris Fit is taking advantage of the mildness of a beautiful summer afternoon to rest after his gym when Mathéo Pires, a real estate agent looking for apartments, knocks on his door. The young Mathéo likes beautiful rooms and especially those with exposed beams. Chris is going to give him a taste of his and is going to offer young Mathéo's greedy mouth and offered ass a good shot of cum!

Part #3 | Put your big dick on my moon

Andy Onassis and his huge cock are applying to be the new bartender at Moon bar in Barcelona. He is welcomed there by Ronald Tryp, a South American bombshell with a round ass like the moon. After trying on his new outfit, namely a swimsuit that is too tight, Andy begins to put his very juicy cock in Ronald's round and welcoming ass! Barcelona...we have a doesn't fit!