Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #4

Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #4

Duration: 01h19mn | Label: Gaysight Sheer Exclusives

Gaysight Sheer Channel Exclusive Scenes 4th Compilation

1. A big sip of refreshing juice

It's summer and it's very hot and even more so when you practice a sport where the balls swing in the shorts. Hurricane Domi crosses paths with Kevin Kor, a sexy young Latino. He offers the athlete very cold water but above all hospitality in his apartment where this time it is he who is going to hydrate himself with the big cock full of very cold juice. Her slutty little ass will give herself without restraint and receive a good squirt in her hole.

2. a Big brush for a wet hole

Brako Iriarte is a painter at home and he has a huge brush that he is always ready to use to repaint with his warm milk the wet holes of the sluts who call on his services! That's good...Randy Junior needs a good, juicy brushstroke!

3. Dedicated Juice Workers

Apolo Adri has repairs to do in the basement of a store and he calls on his sidekick Freddy Salvador to give him a hand. Freddy's apparent parting attracts the perverse eye of Apolo who will quickly take charge of this dedicated worker. Good juice fuck for the cheap labor, the boss pays in cash!