Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #5

Duration: 01h06mn | Label: Gaysight Sheer Exclusives

Duo of 2 of the best videos from the Gaysight channel of the Sheer channel!

1. Paint my face with your creamy juice

Favio Vader needs a good coat of paint to freshen up the walls of the cruise bar he owns. That's good, Apolo Adri has a good brushstroke but also a very good squirt. After having his big cock pumped in the glory-hole, Apolo is going to fuck Favio's ass well before showering him with juice. Top notch professional service!

2. Hot fuck on the hot roofs of Sitges

Babylon Prince is on vacation in Sigtes. During his morning jog, he meets the tenebrous Brako Iriarte. The chemistry immediately passes between the two of them, so when Babylon crosses paths with Brako again at the hotel pool bar, the heat goes up a notch. Brako is a skilled bartender but his best skill is not cocktails. His specialty is pumping big cocks and giving Babylon her hairy ass and big juicy cock