Gaysight Sheer Exclusives #6 | Halloween edition

Duration: 01h46mn | Label: Gaysight Sheer Exclusives

4th special Halloween compilation of exclusive scenes from Gaysight's Sheer channel

The Devil's Lustful Tales

Kriz XXX rushes into BoyBerry, Barcelona's famous crusing, without really knowing what it's all about. In this Halloween period the surprise will be double. Zac Johnson, disguised as a little demon, has decided to give her a big scare and above all to give her a big surprise by offering her his big, juicy cock to fill all her orifices!

Halloween Serial Fucker

Oskar Ivan arrives for a weekend off in Sitges for Halloween. He is received by John Brachalli, manager of the hotel. John warns Oskar to be very suspicious as a serial fucker rages through the back streets of Sitges at night. While Oskar is walking he meets the serial fucker and gets scared. At nightfall, the serial fucker joins Oskar to take care of his mouth and his greedy and welcoming little ass!

Knockabout Fuck from Hell

Justin Jett is on duty at the Bukkake Cruise Club in Sitges and is in charge of the open. There aren't many people in the crusings at this hour so when a guy comes to the bar with a Halloween clown mask it seems suspicious. It's actually Valentin Petrov, a handsome guy who wants to fuck Handsome Justin's ass. Let's go for the hot Halloween fuck!