The salty taste of your sweet lips | Full movie | Erotic version

Duration: 46mn | Label: Ridley Dovarez

Games of hide and seek seductions in the summer heat of Cannes, passionate and torrid sex even in the creeks, discover the first romantic erotic-comedy by Ridley Dovarez. Théo (Ludwig) received an invitation from Stéphane (Doryann Marguet) his longtime friend with whom he was secretly in love but to whom he had never dared to confess his feelings. Stéphane invited him to spend a few days in Cannes to meet again. While he joins him, he discovers that the latter lodges Ricco (Rico Falate), one of his Italian lovers, supposedly a sports coach hitchhiking recovered the old woman. Starts a game of three-way seduction, where Theo and Stéphane hide their feelings the better to admit them to each other through Ricco.