Lords of Paris | Full movie

Duration: 01h23mn | Label: Ridley Dovarez

MC LORD (Romeo Davis), a Quebec R&B artist in the making, is trying to have his single produced by a French record company. Alas he receives a refusal because his image is too smooth. A producer (Thiago Monte) advises him to change, but is Romeo ready to adapt his image to meet the criteria of the French market? Helped by a best friend (Théo Brüssels) and a young influencer (Vlad Winter), MC LORD will give of his person to succeed before being replaced by a dominant vigilant (Dimitri Venum). In this last film by Ridley Dovarez, porn is pushed to its climax, hallucinating scenes of manly kiss that smell of sweat and juice. Big tails at the back of the throat and wet asses stuffed with natives full of juice!

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