Storm Compilation #1 | Episodes 1 to 3

Duration: 01h19mn | Label: Gaysight Series

The first 3 episodes of the new Gaysight series are grouped together in this compilation.

Storm | Ep #1 - Siberian Storm

Discover the first episode of Storm, the new event series from Gaysight. A Russian spy takes advantage of the events linked to the war in Ukraine to pass himself off as a political refugee. he asks for asylum pretending that he is persecuted because of his homosexuality and tries to get closer to the mysteries of power to obtain strategic information but a secret group of individuals have him in the crosshairs and the mission of our spy will not be easy. In this first episode, agent Kirskoff (Dmitry Osten) comes into contact with his liaison agent (ChrisGFit) who has just arrived in Paris and will have to pass a first test to obtain his mission order.

Storm | Ep #2 - Good memories of Barcelona

In the previous episode, Agent Kriskoff (Dmitry Osten) received his first mission order. He manages to approach Nando (Nando Rey), the ambassador's secretary, pretending to be a tourist wishing to sublet a room that Nando offered on a gay sublet site. Nando does not suspect that he is dealing with a Russian spy and succumbs to the charms of the Russian secret agent.

Storm | Ep #3 - Mr A

Agent Kriskoff (Dmitry Osten) has successfully completed his first mission by stealing all of Nando's sensitive data from his computer. Back in Paris, Kriskoff must get in touch with Mr. A (AlexielDevilBoy), a hacker who must provide him with false identity papers for his asylum application and to be able to continue his mission. The only problem is that he doesn't know what Mr. A looks like. Once the contact has been established and the deal made, Mr. A proposes to offer an accelerated Gay sex training to the Russian agent.