Storm Compilation #2 | Episodes 4 to 6

Duration: 01h11mn | Label: Gaysight Series

The last 3 episodes of the new Gaysight series are grouped together in this compilation.

Storm | Ep #4 - Welcome to France

Agent Kriskoff (Dmitry Osten) back from Barcelona called on the hacker called Mr. A. Thanks to his help, he was able to falsify his personal data and obtain a false identity. He is now summoned to the immigration services who have serious doubts about his file and especially his identity. The two service agents (Thiago Monte & Isma Koza) will debrief in an unbridled embrace with a very juicy intense sex fuck.

Storm | Ep #5 - The Silent Interrogation

Agent Kriskoff (Dmitry Osten) is playing a dangerous game by getting closer to the head of visa issuance services. The latter is an agent in the pay of a secret organization and will set a trap for Agent Kriskoff. While he has just transmitted data to his liaison officer, he falls into a trap and his pursuer is none other than Agent Wolf (Wolf Rayet)... the best at making spies talk thanks to his heavy guns and his methods. muscled fucks without compromise.

Storm | Ep #6 - Moscow can wait

Agent Kriskoff didn't say anything to Agent Wolf during his extensive questioning, but now he knows he's being hunted. He decides to return to Barcelona to extract information from the man known as Agent Vicious. What he discovers will shake his convictions and force him to adapt. Nothing better than a hot fuck to loosen the tongues.