Suckers | Twilight sucking | Full movie

Duration: 01h07mn | Label: Ridley Dovarez

Vampires have been with us for decades! Tiron (Jordan Fox) is 197 years old and tonight he needs blood and especially sex to ensure his longevity, be powerful and guarantee his survival. While he is going to drink with Diego (Marc Humper) the first victim from his powerful demon cock, he finds himself face to face with Walker (Mathieu Ferhati), a vampire hunter. The fight commits itself. Injured Tiron will regain strength during a trip to Full Metal, the hottest crusing bar in Paris. Edward (Kevin Ass) will undergo brutal assaults and powerful cock shots from Tiron before serving his virgin blood.Walker rescues Diego who, under the influence of the bite of the vampire will offer all his holes like a bitch to Tender tail and powerful jet of his savior. But Tiron is not finished with Walker and is determined to take revenge and take him to his den where the waiting for his bastards for an orgy of hallucinatory sex.