Extreme night-time doping with an unscrupulous TBM Master

Duration: 36mn | Label: Master Riddick

Welcome to the dungeon of one of the best Master of France. We are not here to play the dinette or the doctor but to become the good larva you have always dreamed of being. With a formidable effectiveness on a long term, this Master TBM expert in progressive submission will turn one of these bastards into a submarine available for all these delusions. The session will begin with a good scrubbing of the feet, cleaning the tail and working nipples and a small first dose of pissing history to mark the slut of his smell of male. Walk the dog in Dogtraining mode then comes the time after a first projection because any tight ass deserves his due and the tight hole of the bastard needs to be dilated for the rest of the program. Dilatation dildo and a plug uro to fill the whore of the divine urine of his revered master all packed by good shots very hard! It will only be left to the Master to mark his thing of the powerful and creamy jet of his juice hot! Welcome to the dungeon!

The movie where this scene is coming from