Agents X 4 - The Lustful King

Duration: 02h06mn | Label: Brutes de Sexe

4th part of the adventures of our hottest secret agents on the planet. In this new chapter, Gus known as the Lustful King (Gus Torres), new villain and cousin of Gustav (Agents He plans to use it during an awards ceremony in Torremolinos after testing it on his bodyguard (Wolf Rayet).

This was without counting on the intrepid agent Apolo (Apolo Adrii) who, helped by Igors (Igors Lucios), the double agent, will try to thwart Gus's Machiavellian plans.

To do this, he will have to face Dmitry (Dmitry Osten), a Russian secret agent (Agents X 2) and Gus' red mistress!

Will Apolo's big caliber achieve its goals?

Also find in this film the prologue (in the shadow of the Lustful King) with Nando Rey and, as a bonus, the sex show of the Fetish-X evening with all the actors.